Why use a Professional Decorator?

There are plenty of very good reasons…..especially where external work is needed.

  • It’s not just a matter of painting

Because the outside of your property is permanently exposed to the elements, when it’s time to redecorate, even the most well maintained exteriors are likely to need a little more than a quick lick of paint.  

  • Substrates may need treating

Your decorator will be able to take care of problematic substrates that only come to light when you take a close look at the render, brickwork or wooden window frames.  He or she will be able to accurately diagnose unstable substrates, make invisible mends to hairline cracks, kill off organic growth and ensure that your decorative coatings are only applied when these problems have been properly rectified.

  • Special coatings may be needed

An experienced decorator will know what type of coatings are needed to withstand unusually challenging conditions, such as those often found in windswept coastal locations and heavily polluted urban areas.

  • Colour choice affects your neighbours!

When it comes to colour choice, your decorator will be able to organise swatches, and even tester pots to help you. Remember, painting the outside of your property is one of the most visible colour decisions you’re every likely to make and one that will have an impact on the local neighbourhood! Trust a decorator’s judgement – they know from experience how colour works on exterior surfaces. They can also help you decide whether to use a textured coating or opt for a smoother finish.

  • Let your decorator take the strain

All you have to do is make the final decisions over colour and texture. Your decorator will do the rest, accurately estimating the quantities required of each coating, organising the colour mixing (if required) and the purchase and delivery of all materials to the property.

  • Your decorator will do a better job!

Few householders have much experience of large scale exterior redecoration projects whereas professionals are regularly involved in exterior repairs and painting, maintenance and refurbishment work of all types. A time-served decorator will always be able to complete this type of work more efficiently and effectively than a novice, and will achieve a better, more uniform and longer lasting finish than all but the most competent DIY enthusiasts.

  • Why take unnecessary risks?

There are various safety aspects to consider too. Any exterior work above a certain height will require the use of ladders, scaffolding or even mobile access equipment. For your own safety and that of anyone in the vicinity, it is usually best to leave these jobs to professionals. Why put yourself and others at risk?

  • Professionals can handle specialised equipment

Last but not least, working on large expanses of masonry, brickwork or render might call for the use of high pressure spray equipment which should only be used by experienced applicators. Again, a professional will know exactly how to get the best out of this equipment and deliver a consistent finish, however large the area to be sprayed.

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Where exteriors are concerned, call for the professionals ….and call for Sandtex Trade.

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